Imagine a place where everyone belongs. A place where a feeling of insecurity is transformed into a celebration of equality. A place where everyone feels accepted upon their arrival and throughout their stay. A place where everyone is engaged and no one sits on the sidelines. Common Ground promises to be a place everyone throughout Greater Cincinnati can enjoy. An inclusive playground designed to encourage children and adults of all levels and abilities to play together, Common Ground will be an educational and interactive environment unlike any other in the region.

Commond Ground welcomes all children and their families. Just like the people who visit, Common Ground will be one-of-a-kind. Common Ground is about much more than simply providing accessibility for children with physical disabilities. The playground’s design goes beyond the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act to promote complete social inclusion and cooperative play. Common Ground addresses the needs of all children by providing a balance of physical accessibility, age and developmental appropriateness and sensory stimulation features. Common Ground welcomes everyone, including those with physical, developmental and sensory challenges, as well as those with sight and hearing impairments.

Common Ground will help children and even adults of all abilities build their confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and motor skills. Common Ground will encourage acceptance and understanding of differences by enabling children to play side-by-side and face-to-face, whether they are in a wheelchair, using an assistive device, standing with leg braces or standing without help. By experiencing fun and joy through unstructured play, Common Ground will promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities.

Common Ground is a bold idea that builds social inclusion and cooperative play as a new standard for recreation. Through a single outdoor destination, Common Ground will enable entire families, including parents, grandparents, veterans, caregivers and children of all abilities, to connect with one another as well as other families. Children and adults with special needs can interact alongside their typical siblings and peers rather than watching from the sidelines. Parents and caregivers can support one another through frequent interactions that enable them to share advice, struggles, successes, and words of wisdom.