“Common Ground symbolizes what Mason stands for, a forward-thinking vision that welcomes involvement from everyone in the community. This public-private partnership will invite all in our community to actively engage in positive and healthy interactions.”
— Mayor of Mason, David Nichols

“Common Ground is a game changer for our region. The investment will create a sense of belonging in our community that can potentially help promote economic development, attract talent to our region and lower health care costs.”
– Betty Davis, former Mayor of Mason and Chairman of the Board Community Concepts and Options, Inc.

“ As a mother of a child with multiple cognitive and physical challenges, it’s easy to become very isolated when you consider only the limitations of your child. A play space like this would offer my daughter the opportunity to socialize with other children on a level playing field, without barriers and without emphasizing her limitations, but rather celebrating her similarities to other children.”
– Jennifer Casey, Mason parent and supporter of Common Ground


Family Stories

Amy Iten knows that a playground that would enable both of her sons to run, play and challenge each other safely would be wonderful. Common Ground will be a place where Nathan, who has Down syndrome and his big brother, Nicholas, could interact more socially with each other and friends because the playground design is more accessible and easier to explore together.

A student at Western Row Elementary in Mason, Ben has CHARGE syndrome and cerebral palsy. His parents, Amy and Mike Russo, look forward to the day he can play at CommonGround.

Stacey and Neil Barber would love to visit a playground where they don’t have to worry about their daughter falling off a high opening or tripping over a simple step. They want Breanna, who has Down syndrome, to be able to play with her nine-year-old brother, Connor, and her peers without having to watch her every move.

Laurie and Tom Lupinetti long for the day when their son can swing alongside his sister, Sarah. Diagnosed with Fragile X and autism, Giovanni has outgrown baby swings, is not strong enough or steady enough for a typical swing and does not get the input he craves from large plastic swings.