The Mason Parks & Recreation Foundation is involved in a number of projects, special events and activities to help fulfill its mission of preserving Mason’s livability. The funds raised enhance and expand our community’s parks, trails and recreation programs and provide access and opportunity for all.

  • Common Ground - Common Ground is an all-inclusive playground designed to encourage children and adults of all levels and abilities to interact with each other. Common Ground is about much more than simply providing accessibility for children with physical disabilities.
  • Recreation Scholarship - When kids participate in well organized and developmentally appropriate recreation programs, they gain much more than what meets the eye. Yes, they have fun, learn new skills and make new friends.
  • Park Bench Dedication - Dedicating a park bench is a meaningful and lasting way to honor or celebrate an extraordinary person. Proceeds of park bench sales are dedicated to the Scholarship Fund making this program a unique way to honor two people with one gift.
  • Events