It’s Beginning to
Look Like Baseball!

Construction began in September and has been humming along ever since. During the first few months, the crew was focused on grading the ground, installing sewers and proper drainage, and marking off where the fields, posts for the dugouts, back stop, and fencing would be. While not a pretty part of the construction process, each was important to ensure the next steps in the process move along without a hitch.

Once the ground was prepped and ready, the contractors were able to focus on pouring concrete which is integral to so many different parts of the fields and surrounding areas – gives the turf a "curb" to be installed against; provides smooth paths around the fields and to/from the parking lot and park; and, a secure foundation to place the posts for the bleacher sunshades, the fencing around the fields, bleachers, and dugouts. They've also poured the borders for landscaping and the donor recognition monument.

With all the prep work in a good place, The Motz Group began installing the turf on the fields in mid-February. And we're excited to announce both fields are complete! The three-step process began with the padding which creates a barrier between the gravel and turf, next comes the turf on top the padding, and the last step is the placement of the small pellets which help cushion players when they fall.

With the fields completed, crews are installing fencing around both fields and the dugouts, installing sunshades where the bleachers will be placed, pouring the last of the concrete, getting the landscaping beds ready, and so much more. If you haven't been out to Makino Park, be prepared to be amazed!

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