Play Ball!

There is the potential for three ball fields using a turf surface that lend to easier mobility; promoting independent play and physical activity. Our fields will be fully fenced to increase safety for players who are at a higher risk of running; building self-esteem and confidence for those homerun hitters… over the fence!!  Our design includes accessible dugouts for coaches and all players to gather as a team as well as bleachers to give families and fans the real baseball experience. 

With this design, families will be able to enjoy watching their child play without any blocked views and without having to transport their own lawn chairs along with their children who might already have extensive equipment needs. The fields will also allow families a chance to connect and socialize, all while watching their kids have fun! Currently, some of our fields are a distance from the parking lot and not easily accessible causing fatigue on players prior to playing. The Adaptive Ball Fields at Makino Park project will provide paved parking and pathways to and from the fields, as well as accessible bathrooms to eliminate families having to leave the game to try and find one. All this with the bonus of having access to the Common Ground Playground playground so players can gather with friends before and after the games to play.

To help make the fields feel even more like real fields, our wish list also includes:

  • announcer booth to bring more fun and excitement to the games
  • a scoreboard
  • lights for nighttime games