“As a coach, I chose Mason Challenger League because I work with students in the Mason City Schools that have special needs. The best thing about the league is 100% acceptance of athletes no matter what their skill level is. I have seen an increased level of confidence and skills as I watch my students progress from the minors to the majors. I can be feeling exhausted and questioning my ability to get myself to the field after a long day, but as soon as I see the athletes it is an instant energy HIGH. I love finding the open channel of an athlete, boosting them up, and getting them back each week.”
— Kay Pfeifer, assistant coach for Mason Challenger majors team

“The goal with Challenger is to give those with physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to be a part of something. The looks on their faces when they hit the ball, make a play, or come into score- will melt your heart. Participating in Challenger gives players and parents alike the opportunity to bond and create friendships. We are all family.”
— Susan Murdock, Mason Challenger President


“As a parent of a child with a disability, we spend so much time worrying about their health, working on their IEP’s and education that there isn’t much time for recreation time. Sports activities for a youth with disabilities can be hard to find. We were so happy to find the Challenger League in Mason. Our son loves his team, and it is a lot of fun for his dad and I to just be able to sit back and watch him have fun.”
- Ms.D., parent of a Challenger player


“I love to play baseball! I love running the bases and hitting the ball. Batting is probably my best position, and I've gotten a lot better with practice. I really really do love the league!”
- Sydney, Mason Challenger player


“We knew our son enjoyed going to baseball games and friends of ours highly recommended the league. Our entire family loves baseball! And our son wanted to be with friends like him. The community it has opened our family up to and all the support everyone gives each other. Our son loves spending time with the friends he has made in the league. He has been in the league for several years now. One of our favorite memories was attending the Jamboree in Canton, OH.”

- Nathan’s mom, parent of a Challenger player


“Bradley was able to play a sport he loves at the level he is capable of. The coaches, families and other players are engaging and accepting. Through Challenger baseball, Bradley has been able to participate in a sport he likes and similarly to his siblings. He has learned to accept others' skills and abilities, and he has benefited from the warmth of the community. We've been with Challenger almost from the start. Bradley started with MYO Friday night baseball, then switched to Butler County Challenger before Mason Challenger began. For us, being able to participate and stay in Mason has made the experience more frequent and enjoyable. Bradley enjoys having his dad coach, just as his dad did for his siblings.”
- The Claytons, parents of a Challenger player


“As a coach, it has been rewarding to see these kids develop their skills and grow as individuals. Many of them look forward to the activities and league play with discernable excitement. When plays are successfully made or balls batted, their joy is palpable. Just like typical kids. Providing this opportunity to these kids is as valuable to them and their families as providing regular recreational and competitive sports.”
- Peter Clayton, coach for Mason Challenger majors’ team


“We chose the Mason Challenger League because it is based on your ability, not your age. Slower speed and no competition pressure. For the first time we were able to sit in the stands and watch our son play, knowing he was in good hands. The best thing about the League is the family feeling you get from everyone - board members, coaches, parents, players. It has given our son the opportunity to play a team support, gaining knowledge of team activities, self-pride, teammate support, teamwork. We have been in the league for several years and would not trade a moment. Seeing our son smile and feel accomplished and proud of himself is definitely our favorite moments.”
- Cheri, parent of Challenger player


“We chose Mason Challenger for Mary because we wanted her to be part of a team in our community. We appreciated how Challenger met us where our child was at and provided an appropriate buddy for her. When Mary was little, it was so special to have team sponsors that included her friends and teachers from school. It was incredibly special to be cheered on by her peers. Mary had something special to look forward to that was ALL her own. She would lay out her uniform the night before and get all her equipment ready. I still remember the one game was rained out and she CRIED for a half hour straight. It was devastating to her.”
- Jana, parent of Challenger player


“We love the game of baseball, and the Mason Challenger Leagues offers a great opportunity for our son, Ryan, to play a sport he loves. He watches his older brother play baseball and the Challenger League allows him to have a time to shine. The atmosphere of the league is fantastic. There are so many volunteers from coaches to buddies to Challenge League board members who want to provide a positive experience for our athletes. It is so much fun watching the athletes hit and throw, and see them get excited and in turn, see the excitement from the volunteers and the fans.”
- Mike and Kari K., parents of Challenger player


“The Challenger League is so close to home; we are so lucky to have such a great organization right in our backyard. Our older child played in MYO and that is how we first learned of the Challenger League. The time commitment was just right for her needs and abilities, and she loves it. The joy it brings to her every week looking forward to games and seeing her coach, teammates, and buddy. The countdown to the next week's game always starts on Sundays when we talk about the schedule for the upcoming week. Every game or practice is on the family calendar where she can see it and remind us every day until "the big day". It has given her another place to meet friends, have fun and learn to be a good teammate. Hannah has been able to be on the same team for the last few years, this has really made it so fun to be with a continuous group of great kids and superb coaches who have the biggest hearts. The Adopt-a-Team program is a phenomenal way for the community to support these athletes and maybe bring some more awareness to these special athletes and their talents. The kids love hearing the cheers, the end of game tunnel, and being celebrated for the athletes they are.”
- Melissa S., parent of Challenger player


"Our family was so happy to learn the Mason Challenger League was forming. After our son watched his sister play softball for years, he was finally going to have a chance to be one ON the field. Our son was able to experience how it feels to have your family and friends support you from the sidelines. The positive reinforcement of being part of a team is a lesson ALL children should get to experience. The number of volunteers and true commitment from the community partners made it a great choice."
- Lupinetti Family, family of Challenger player


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